Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Get Right Job Easily ?

Taking into consideration huge response by email on "How to get Right Job Easily ?", I was forced to publish this post quickly.

I know everybody wants a good white collar job with giant salary after study. But they don't know how to snatch (get) it. And Frankly this post is for them.

Let's see how to get a "Right job" with "Reasonable Salary".

First Think wide, Be Calm, Seat Steady and ask yourself following questions.

1) What is your qualification ?
2) Which is your field ?
3) Which type of job you want ?
4) What is your expectation ?
5) What is your future after getting a job in the company ?

If you got "RIGHT ANSWERS" , then start reading ahead.

Source of Getting the Job.

1) Newspapers.
2) Local Placement Consultancies.
3) Online Websites.
4) Registration In employment exchange.

There are also lot of source is available, but as these are our major sources, i would like to discuss in details on each one.

1) Newspapers : Newspaper comes in everybody's home on daily basis. Everybody knows many companies and government sector also gives recruitment ads on classified pages. Simply, read the classified in newspaper, go to interview (In my next upcoming post, i will write on "How to get success in Interview") and get a job. But as per my opinion "Do not follow the newspaper" as there are hundreds of umployeed read classifieds pages in newspaper on daily basis and they go for the interview (So your chances get decreased in getting the job).

2) Local Placement Consultancy
This is the best, i always suggest and i insist of this good and most preferable option.
This is simple however very effective.

Many Leading National, Multinational or International companies don't give their recruitment ads on newspaper. If such companies have any kind of vacancy, they contact "LOCAL PLACEMENT CONSULTANCY" to fulfill the same. Local placement consultancy's owner and HR officer of the company seats together and discuss for the same. Remember that you don't have to spend even a single penny to get a job as there is free registration available in many placement consultancies. (You can ask me about such placement consultancy by sending email to I am not an agent and that's why i don't want do advertise them here). Sometimes they take a nominal charge from Rs:100 to Rs:500 for 1 year. But in most of cases they prefer to take "Charge-fee of recruitment" from the company. Sometimes they decide to take the charge amount from "Employee's Salary" every month. (Employee doesn't know that he's been giving a slice of his salary to placement consultancy).

My friend, if you are in need of job on urgent basis, i humbly request you to select this option because very few people knows about this.

3) Online Websites : You probably seen "Commercial Ad" in TV indicating that "Caught in a wrong job ? Log on to"

Thousands of online websites are available for free registration to get a job. If you have an e-mail Id and resume (In Microsoft word format), please submit it on the following top 10 sites as soon as possible to get job.


It will take only 10 to 15 minutes in registration on each of the site. So try this option which is also free of cost and i am sure, you will get job emails on daily basis.

4) Registration in Employment Exchange : Short and simple (This is our government department and it does nothing but to register the candidates to calculate the figure of unemployee). Frankly i did registration in employment exchange 6 to 7 years ago and still i have not received even a single job offer or communication from their side.

In my next upcoming posts, I will tell you about "How to get white collar job using Advanced source", "Work At Home" and "How to earn Massive Income from Internet". So please visit our blog regularly.

Thank You.


Commerce Easy And Effordable

In our previous topic, we discussed on choosing ARTS after SSC. Now we are going to look our second option "COMMERCE".

What is commerce ?

Simple, Commerce, basically is a study of business and finance. It involves the study of subjects like
-Organisation of Commerce
-Accountancy & Book-keeping,
-Mathematics, Secretarial Practice


Remember, If you got between 56% to 75% in SSC and if you are really interested in commerce, then choose this one. I am sure that if you continue your study with Commerce, definitely several giant opportunities are for you.

Let's see how ?

Suppose if you choose commerce after ssc, then first you've to complete hsc (12Th). Then after start flying in the open sky.

1) ICWA1CFA : After 12th, you can, if you desire, join ICWA1CFA. Many few student does this one and that's why i highly recommend this option because there is less competition. Simultaneously with graduation and become a Cost Accountant ! Chartered financial Analyst. Keep in mind that it is no so simple as it looks. You need to do hard work + Smart work (In the next upcoming post, i will write on this) to achieve success.

2) : 80% of the student do not know what to do after 12th and they prefer graduation degree in Here i would like to give you my straight forward advice, "DO NOT DO GRADUATION" as there are already several students in the market who have degree certificate in their hand and still they are unappointed. But however, if you select this option as per your friend or family suggestion, let's look generally what happens.....

a) Job opportunities are available to graduate of any discipline : Many National, Multi National, International and Government sector also declare recruitment with minimum qualification Graduate in their criteria. (This is your benefit if you select to continue with But also keep in mind that there is lot of competition in the market. (More than 10k application goes for 2 to 3 post only). Calculate the percentage and see your chances to get such job. Ignoring this option, i would like to suggest you second costly but profitable option in long term.

b) Specialise in either
a) Accountancy (C.A).
b) Law.
c) Taxation.
d) Cost Accounting.
e) Company Secretaryship (to take up good job or start your own practice Iconsultancy).

Before select any course stated above, please remember that
1) These all are very expensive.
2) Hard work (Minimum 12 hours a day) and smart work (Planning) is necessary.
3) Less than 10% student can successfully complete the journey of our option a), d) and e).

If you are from middle class, i humbly request you for not preferring these course. Do some hard work in getting the job after graduation (I will soon publish how to get right job easily)
and help your family.

c) : includes the following.
a) Business Management.
b) Tax Management.
c) Financial Management.
d) Export Management.
e) Computer Management.
f) System Management.
g) Personal Management.
h) Marketing Management and so on...

But My friends, there no any
"JOB MANAGEMENT AND POCKET MONEY MANAGEMENT". is nothing but to get a "Certificate of Higher study","Waste of time" and "Money".
Probably you think that i am gone "Mad". But i always want to give you right direction and want to show to the real scenario in the market. At present lot of, degree holders do job in "CALL CENTER" (In My next upcoming post, I will write on "Worst Selection-Call Center", as i worked in Call Center for 2 years. please please visit our blog regularly so that you can get right move).

4) Ph.D or B.Ed or M.Ed : Job opportunities goes higher if you get success in any of the above.

In Short
->First decide what to do
->Make your vision clear
->Think about future demand when you complete course or degree
->Go One Step ahead to Win the Game.

Thank You.