Thursday, June 17, 2010

Take Right Decision And Give Wings To Your Career.

If students or parents do not get proper guidance then he comes under the influences of what others do and not then under such wrong career decision they end up with mess and spoils child career.
Before reading this post, Keep in mind that these all are my personal analysys and suggestions.
After all, ball is in your court. So please be kalm, sit steady and think again about your future.
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I will try my best to give you satisfactory answer if possible.

Let's start.

Are you Confused ?
What to do after 10th ?

I was too when i passed ssc exam !!!!

After getting result of 10th in hand, Most of students think about these three options.

1) Arts.
2) Commerce.
3) Science.

They don't have any other vision except above. In this topic i have discussed what to do after
ssc, hsc or degree in detail. Apart from these i have also discussed about another courses availabilty which very few people know.

Let's discuss in details.

Let us have a helicopter view of various educational courses available to us after SSC/HSC.
Frankly, the list is not complete, however (i've covered the most) so readers are requested to take the help of someother
sources information also like internet, career guidance seminars and career counselors etc.

1) Arts.

I personally suggest you for not preffering Arts (there are lot many reasons after that and it's not possible to write all of those here. If you wanted to know about that please
write e-mail to me) but however If you got below 55% and if you are really interested to build career in arts then nobody can stop you.
Here we just take a look how to play game of arts.

If you persue ARTS, you can do B.A. degree course with following subjects, Languages

Philosophy etc.

But probably you are thinking what to do after that ? As we know....

Most of students come from middle class and they want white collar job with giant salary after study.

Here are few options for them.

A) Take up a job in any private or government sector. (If you are lucky enough to get one).
B) You can make honest efforts to get a job by appearing for various Competative examinations such as
Bank Test, or U.P.S.C., or M.P.S.C. (Eligibility crietaria is atleast graduate to possess these all exams).

But remember journey never ends.....

Very few students can get a good job after B.A.
& For Rest of students

C) Continue studies and do MA (ending up as a teacher / lecturer) or take a doctorate.
D) Do some post-graduate course like

1) I.A.S / I.F.S : (For higher posts in Govt. Service) by appearing for Entrance Exam. of UPSC & M.P.S.C.
2) B.Ed : Only if you want to take up a teaching career.
3) LLB. (if you are keen to take a legal career).
4) Post- graduate diploma in Management M.B.A. & M.M.S. etc. from any of the IIMs / Universities.
5) Diploma in any Social Science (Labour Welfare,labour Managements etc) C. A., Cost Accounting, Company Secretaryship, Mass Communications (Advertising, Marketing, Journalism etc.).

Before we go ahead, just look at following which many few student does. That is

Fine Arts-

E) A) Education(Teaching)
1) Montessory
2) Kindergarton
3) Pre-primary
4) Primary
5) Drawing Teacher
6) Craft Teacher
7) Hindi Shikshak Sansad

B) Display Art
1) Drawing & Painting
2) Commercial Art
3) Interior Decoration
4) Textile Designing

C) Performing Arts Degree or Diploma in
1) Music
2) Dance
3) Drama

Please ask me any question related to career or provide me suggestion (In comment) to improve it.